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Elite Health Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

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Welcome to Elite Health Hawaii.

Elite Health Hawaii is one of the only health programs that optimizes quality of life. We provide a comprehensive approach

involving properly individualized nutrition, appropriately designed/physician supervised exercise programs, metabolic/hormone

optimization, utilization of pharmaceutical grade supplements, and a range of aesthetic treatments ranging from injections

(Botox®, Dysport®, and Xeomin®) to fillers, Vampire facelifts to Microneedling to help you look and feel your best. Elite Health Hawaii is the first clinic in Hawaii to offer a solution to facial Spider Veins and is the only clinic that addresses all of the aspects of health & beauty.

Aesthetic medicine is fun and enjoyable. Elite Health will provide the most effective therapy in a comfortable, relaxing environment. Our main

concern is providing the best results and your overall satisfaction.

Our nutritional supplements help our patients to decrease chronic inflammation, make their exercise and nutritional efforts more effective as well as improve their performance. Your age management physician will work directly with you and your nutritionist to individualize your nutritional supplements to you based on your comprehensive evaluation as well as your personal goals.

Meet Your Beauty Expert

Dr. Scott Sanderson

Anti-Aging Medicine, Emergency Medicine Specialist

Dr. Sanderson studied psychology and pre-med as an undergraduate. He attended medical school at the University of Washington then completed residency in Tacoma, Washington. Since completing his residency Dr. Sanderson has worked in multiple hospitals on the U.S. mainland and on multiple islands in Hawaii. He is certified in Anti-Aging Medicine as well as board certified in Emergency Medicine. He is clinical faculty at the John A. Burns School of Medicine in Honolulu as well as an instructor of Advanced Trauma Life Support.

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Elite Health Hawaii

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